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An Especially Rewarding Way to Work from Home

Adult foster care is an ideal career for those who wish to work from home, own their own business, and provide personal care and services outside of an institutional setting.

Learn How to Start and Run an Adult Care Home Business

Northwest Senior and Disability Services (NWSDS) can teach you all you need to know about becoming a licensed Adult Foster Home Provider.

Through our monthly orientations, classes and materials you’ll learn how to apply for your adult foster care license, and how to ensure your home meets all the necessary requirements.
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Let’s Get Your

Adult Foster Home Business Started!

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The Adult Foster Home license process can take as little as three months to complete

Here are three key steps in the process



Attend the half day AFH Orientation at your local Licensing office and learn about the AFH requirements, rules and regulations of operating an AFH.


EQC Training

Take the ODHS approved trainings EQC Essentials and EQC AFH Administration where you will learn about the day to day operations of running an AFH. Contact one of the independent instructors for class availability and information.



After meeting the requirements and completing all classes and trainings turn in you AFH application for review. You will work directly with an AFH Licensor through the approval process.

NWSDS Adult Foster Care Home License

Thank you for exploring this opportunity.

You can create meaningful work from home as an adult foster care provider.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Per Oregon rules, you must have an Adult Foster Home license to care for adults in your home, who are not related to you.
  • You must be licensed before you provide this care and you cannot represent yourself as an Adult Foster Home or accept placement of a resident without being licensed.
  • There are no application fees for an adult foster home.
  • There is a $20 fee for each bed for which you would like to be licensed.
  • An Adult Foster Home license allows you to care for no more than 5 adults who are not related to you or your resident manager, if you have one.
  • Please keep in mind that the number of residents permitted in the home will be determined by several factors. Here are a few of them:
    • The ability of the staff to meet all of the residents’ care needs.
    • The ability of the staff to evacuate the residents from the home within the fire drill guidelines.
    • The number of bedrooms that are approved by the licensor for resident use.
  • You do not have to own the home. Many of our AFH licensees rent or lease the home.

I am glad you asked! We have a free Zoom class you can attend to find out more about Adult Foster Homes.

Please contact us to register (503.304.3406)

  • The first step in the process is to attend AFH Orientation. This is a free class that we teach at least once a month.
  • After you attend AFH Orientation, you will receive your application by email.
  • It is important to know that once you turn in your application, the clock starts ticking.
  • You only have sixty (60) days for all of the application materials to be complete.
  • When your application is complete, a licensor will schedule a home inspection with to make sure your home meets all of the rule requirements.
  • After you make any needed corrections, the licensor may need to re-inspect your home.
  • Once all corrections are verified, the licensor will send your AFH license to you by email.

The decision to open an APD Adult Foster Home was a positive decision for me to make. It allowed me to operate a small business in my home. Along with my husband we were able to work together and raise our children in the home with our residents. I was essentially a “stay at home mom” while still maintaining an income for our family. For us it was a successful business venture.

Former AFH provider Erin Jacobsen